Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks

Professor of Teaching, University of British Columbia

I am a Professor of Teaching in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia-Vancouver, and I also teach in a first-year, interdisciplinary program called Arts One. Here you can find information related to my work at UBC as well as what I do as an educator and open education advocate beyond UBC.

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See here for information about my teaching activities.

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Educational Leadership

See here for information about my leadership activities in open education and other areas.

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See here for information about my current research projects.

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See here for information about committees and other service work I do at the university

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See here for my CV on an easily-readable page as well as a PDF of the UBC CV format.

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Other sites

Below are the other sites I manage, mostly related to my work but also for fun.


I have a blog about teaching and learning, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), and open education called "You're the Teacher." On it I post reflections about my own teaching, as well as information about my SoTL & open education work and presentations I have given.

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Teaching and Learning Portfolio

I have a portfolio of my activities related to teaching and learning, and educational leadership, at the site linked below. It has information on research that informs my practice as well as research I do about teaching and learning.

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Digital Storytelling Blog

I created a blog for my participation in DS106: an open, online course on digital storytelling that involves creation of images, videos, animated gifs and more. Most of the work on this site is for fun, but it also gives me skills I use in my professional life.

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Christina Hendricks
Dept. of Philosophy
University of British Columbia
1866 Main Mall, E370
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1

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